Brasilen was founded in 1958 by Mr. Pietro Bonotti, first as an individual firm, and since 1980, as Brasilen limited.

The origin of the name Brasilen comes from the sport event celebrated on the foundation year: the 1958 Soccer World Cup in Sweden, which was won by Brasil.

This shows the immediate attitude and connection to sports, and particularly, soccer.

Brasilen has reached the maximum level of specialization in the production of sport shoes for soccer, indoor soccer, and sneakers, thanks to decades of experience and cooperation
with the best brands in the sports world.

Brasilen offers complete support: design, development and production, with an experienced and proven staff, enabling the best planning and production technology, alongside a long history of craftsmanship.

Brasilen, in addition to its in-house capabilities, works with a broad network of domestic and international partners, allowing it to offer a wide range of production capabilities and best in-class service.

Brasilen Today...

Brasilen supplies a complete support: design, development and production based on proved experience staff, which can join the best planning and productive technology with a long handicraft experience.

The recent developments are oriented to internationalization and diversification of the production, availing of new abroad partners in order to assure the best service to customers.